At last I found one. A Genie that says – Ok Sir!

In its present state, the microwave oven is a dismantled machine with its upper body apart and the inner circuitry all visible. Thusly, her reaction seems absolutely justified to me when she says – “I want this to be fixed in an hour. I don’t know how?” and the only response I dare to come up with is “Ok wifey”.

After experimenting with all my jugadu skills to try and make it work for about a week now, I decided to surrender and get an expert to look into the matter instead.

(I had already booked an expert a day before to visit and fix the appliance)

It took me 10 minutes after Google introduced me to this on-demand service agency and I was on a call with the relationship manager to educate myself with the booking process and other details. Finding my inner self satisfied with the responses from the other end, I installed the app on my Android and booked a technician to visit my place for the Sunday afternoon.

There he arrived at 12.10 PM, looking at me and trying to learn if I possess any qualification good enough to open the appliance and if I understood the circuit. It was not long enough that he established of me being a complete novice to this and knew nothing but the timer to turn the machine ON.

The technician was gracious enough to help me with some homely hacks with the appliance and made it up and running after an hour of cleaning and uniting some circuits. As good as new.

At the luncheon –

Gazing over the appetizing platter as set for the lunch with Rosie auntie progressing towards freshly grilled mutton kebabs, makes me realize the ease with which I booked a technician, promptness at which my queries were addressed and the behavior of the expert who visited and fixed the issue.

Send me an expert on time who can fix the issue. Really, this is all I ever asked for.

I am sure many of us have been a victim of this untimely, unorganized, and unregulated section of availing these services locally. Be it an electrician, a plumber, a cook, a key maker for an instance and here they present us an alternative to book one at our convenience. This brings me to shout louder about my second savior of the weekend –  Ok Sir!

What is it all about?

Ok Sir! is a 24 X 7 service based agency that brings vendors from diverse streams to provide customers with their day to day demands. Currently, OK Sir!, has its presence in the areas such as – events, healthcare, errands, housekeeping, travel tutor and professional services.

How does it work? 

Register with your phone number – Browse services using your pin code – Select the category and the service – Pay for the service using coins – Expert booked.

The concept of payment works in terms of coins and 1 coin – Rs 500. The oven cleaning service required me to pay 1 coin for the same. The numbers of coins vary with the complexity of the service.

Things that I loved:

  • Booking process: It was very easy to book an appointment. Once you absorb the concept of paying in coins, you are all set and a few clicks away to book an expert. Happy!

ok sir - 1        ok sir -3        ok sir -4

  • Notifications: I was regularly updated over an SMS with regards to the entire process. First SMS Confirmed the booking followed by Details of the booking and Status of the booking and finally a Feedback call. Keep it up!
  • Technician behavior and expertise: He was an expert with a company ID card, was polite, was present around the committed time and my issue stands resolved. So, no complaints with that. Pronto!
  • Payments: With every service measured in coins, you know beforehand what you pay and makes complete sense to me. Satisfied!
  • The App is currently available at play_Store_lg and app_store_lg for free downloads.

My ratings – 4.5 stars on 5, losing half a star on below counts –

  • With the current setup, it expects you to book a service at least a day in advance. I feel it would be a good addition if the services can be availed the same day.
  • If you discard your current number, you lose the coins as purchased because the registration process involves you cell phone number for authentication.

Final thoughts – I am very excited about the on-demand service segment flourishing in India as it allows instant gratification and optimizes efficiency. I feel they certainly have the potential to transform lives. Other factors that make me more confident of the upsurge of this segment include professionals relocating for work across cities, busy lives and not to forget the number of smart phone users in India increasing in a rampant manner.

I think we are moving towards an on-demand economy, freeing us from chores, unless of course if you enjoy doing chores.

What do you say?


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